Tell Us Your Why

Tell me your why, why is it you do what you do? What drives you?  What motivates you? What is the reason you get out of bed? You’re an engineer, designer, laborer, union Pipefitter, mother, sister, or son. Why do you keep going? Who is your inspiration? Perhaps by sharing you will remind yourself of what is truly important. Perhaps by sharing you will remind others of what is truly drives them of what it takes to get out of bed one more day and slug it out in this battle called life.

I’m Robert and my reason for doing what I do is my son; he is the reason I grind out another day, the reason I build another addition, or the reason I remodel another bathroom. Don’t get me wrong I love the work I do but the reason I keep plugging away day after day is my son. I am deathly afraid of heights but put my son up on a roof and I’ll be up the ladder in two seconds.

I love hearing your stories. They help remind me of what is truly important.


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